• Opvullen met gel van solar

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  • Experience flawless nails with our "Opvullen met gel van solar" service at Bichky Nails. Achieve long-lasting and beautiful results


Rejuvenate your nails with our premium "Opvullen met gel van solar" service at Bichky Nails. Our skilled technicians specialize in using high-quality solar gel to fill in the regrowth and enhance the appearance of your nails.

During an "Opvullen met gel van solar" appointment, our experienced nail technicians will carefully assess your nails to determine the best approach. They will begin by gently removing any existing gel polish and preparing your nails for the filling process. This involves shaping and buffing the nails to ensure a smooth and clean surface.

Next, our technicians will apply a thin layer of solar gel to the regrowth area of your nails. Solar gel is a premium gel formula that offers exceptional durability, flexibility, and a natural-looking finish. It is applied using precision techniques to seamlessly blend with the existing gel on your nails.

The "Opvullen met gel van solar" process involves filling in the gap between your natural nail growth and the existing gel, extending the lifespan of your nail enhancements. This ensures a consistent and flawless appearance, eliminating any unevenness or gaps.

Our skilled technicians are trained in sculpting and shaping the solar gel to match your desired nail shape and style. Whether you prefer square, oval, stiletto, or any other shape, they will expertly craft your nails to perfection.

At Bichky Nails, we prioritize the use of high-quality products for our "Opvullen met gel van solar" service. Our solar gel is carefully selected for its superior adhesion, longevity, and resistance to chipping. We strive to provide you with beautiful and long-lasting nails that you can enjoy for weeks.

Maintaining your "Opvullen met gel van solar" nails is simple. Regular nail care routines, such as applying cuticle oil, moisturizing your nails, and avoiding harsh chemicals, can help extend the life and beauty of your enhancements. It is also recommended to visit our salon periodically for maintenance and filling appointments to keep your nails looking their best.

At Bichky Nails, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction. We adhere to strict sanitation protocols, ensuring that all tools and equipment are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and sterilized after each use. Your comfort is important to us, and we provide a relaxing and inviting atmosphere where you can indulge in a luxurious nail experience.

Book your "Opvullen met gel van solar" appointment at Bichky Nails and let our skilled technicians revitalize and enhance the beauty of your nails. Experience the difference of professional nail care and enjoy stunning, long-lasting nails that leave a lasting impression.